Race Categories

Quad Crown has 7 solo race categories:

  1. ELITE: Male & Female (Prize Money)
  2. JUNIORS: Male & Female U19
  3. OPEN: Male & Female 20 – 39 years
  4. MASTERS 1: Male & Female 40 – 49 years
  5. MASTERS 2: Male & Female 50 – 59 years
  6. MASTERS 3: Male & Female 60 years +
  7. EBIKES: Open

Ebikes will race as the last wave for each course.

Categories may change pending registration numbers. 

Minimum age is 15 years at the day the race starts.

Rider Pack  

On registration each rider will receive a number plate, a timing chip and a jersey number. All items MUST be worn while racing.  

Registration Discounts

Riders are eligible for loyalty discounts when racing more than one Quad Crown Event. Registrations via Register NOW will automatically apply this discount. In the circumstance it does not, please email register@quadcrownmtb.com.au


Quad Crown is a timed race. Your time will be calculated matt to matt (not gun time). The Prelude ride time does not form part of your overall time, instead determines your Stage 1 start grid.

Your overall time is the culmination of Stages 1, 2 & 3.

Late Starts

Any rider who cannot make their start time must report to Race HQ at the start line within 10 minutes after the last wave leaves to request approval for a late start.

No rider is allowed to start late without approval. If no approval for a late start is given, the rider will be considered a DNS, and therefore as a DNF for that stage.


Your Prelude time will dictate the grid you start in for Stage 1 and subsequently all Stages. If you do not ride the Prelude, we’ll give you indicative timing to help you self-seed. ONLY riders who ride the Prelude will be admitted into Grid ONE.

All Ebike Riders will form the last grid.

Checkpoints & Shortcuts

Each Stage will see a minimum of one checkpoint. Riders will need to arrive at this checkpoint within the advertised time or they will be diverted to the Shortcut Course to ensure they make it back to the finish line safely. If a rider is redirected to the shortcut, a time penalty will be implemented. The stage checkpoints, times and penalties are worked out on an average speed of 10-11km/hr.

Get Lost?

Quad Crown courses are clearly marked with branded arrows, lime markings and marshal assistance. If you have not seen a course marker or a marshal in a more than 2km’s you can be pretty certain you’ve made a wrong turn. No time credit will be awarded for riders who miss a course marker. In the instance (where proven) that course markers have been tampered with and as a result several riders have taken a wrong turn the race director will make the appropriate adjustments based on Garmin timings and course reports.

Community Ethos

Our courses take place on amazing trails maintained by awesome locals and our goal is to celebrate these spectacular destinations and improve and expand the networks. We expect every Quad Crown rider to follow the same ethos. Riders who stop to assist in a medical or mechanic are rewarded with a fair and reasonable time adjustment. We like good people.

Riders who are reported to:

  1. Disobey dismounts and road rules,
  2. Be rude or disrespectful to other riders or marshals,
  3. Who behave in a way that puts any rider or marshal in danger,
  4. litter on course;

will be given a first warning of a 10-minute time penalty. A second report will result in disqualification. These riders are to be reported to HQ by race number and will be dealt with by the race director.


Any protests related to the Race must be submitted to the Race office in writing on the official protest sheets provided in the Race office.

Deadline – Stage Result Protests. Stage result protests must be submitted within two (2) hours after posting of preliminary results for the relevant stage.

Deadline – Race Protests. Race protests must be submitted within two (2) hours after the rider crossing the applicable stage’s finish line.

Roads and Crossings

We design our courses with your safety as a priority, however we need you to remember that it’s not the tour de France. All roads will NOT be closed or managed. We will implement a thorough and well-planned traffic management system, but please always remember that ROAD RULES APPLY.

Medical Details

Upon registration you are asked to declare any medical conditions. Please include any medications that might be important for health professionals to know in the unlikely case of an accident.

Riders who have medical conditions (eg asthma) must carry their own medication for the duration of the event.

All riders should carry enough food, water, basic first aid and a tool kit in their daily ride kit. There will be water at approximately the half way point or later on each day, however riders should be self-sufficient.

Withdrawing from the Race

Riders should only withdraw from the race at a communication point where they can advise the Marshal of their race number and details. These points are located approx. 5km apart on the course. It is imperative you let us know if you leave the race without finishing, we don’t pack up until EVERY ride is accounted for.


A podium presentation will take place for riders in each category, Male and Female for the following:


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


Prize Money will be awarded for the Overall winners in Male and Female only. All other podiums will see prizes from our valued sponsors and venues.

The overall CROWN will be awarded to the male and female rider with the fastest cumulative time across four events within a calendar year.